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Puppy selection advice

Not got a puppy yet, but wondering the best way to find one?  Maybe you are not sure if a puppy would fit in with your lifestyle?  Few people want to fall into the trap of buying an illegally imported puppy with fake papers, or to buy from a squalid puppy farm. But according to the Kennel Club one in four puppies are likely to come from puppy farms. Even if you manage to avoid these pitfalls there are many ignorant or less scrupulous people who are breeding from dogs with no genetic health tests and poor standards of care.  It is easy to be mislead, what might look like a cheap puppy (they often aren't cheap!) could turn into an expensive nightmare. If you would like to discuss whether a puppy, or older dog, would be right for your lifestyle, or if you would like advice about different breeds and types of dog and where you should go to find one, I am happy to help.

I can give you a good idea about what to expect when you bring a puppy, or new dog, into your life and outline what to expect in terms of time commitment and expense.I will also run through equipment suggestions with you and feeding and puppy/dog care.

Pre-Class training

Before your puppy completes their required course of immunisations, training at home should already have begun. Early socialisation is very important as the developmental window for puppies is narrow, so they should experience most of the situations they will face as adults before 12 weeks old in order to avoid developing potential behavioural problems. A 1-2-1  pre-training visit will go through the Puppy School syllabus and discuss handling skills and puppy socialisation. You will have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions to give your puppy the best start.

Please contact me for further information. 

6 week group puppy class

The 6 week training course is designed to provide you with the skills to have a well behaved, happy dog. Included in the price is access to the Puppy School manual, a Puppy School training app, free Natures Menu treat pack and a rosette and certificate on completion.

In our puppy classes your puppy will increase in self-confidence and have the opportunity to make new friends in a safely supervised environment. By training on and off lead you and your puppy will learn practical life skills, giving you the foundations for off lead walking and a reliable recall from distractions. Our positive, reward based training motivates puppies to learn new behaviours quickly - this is motivating and fun for the whole family. £75

One to one training sessions

If your puppy is too old to come to class, or you would like some extra help with your training, one hour 1:2:1 sessions are available.  Please contact me for further information.

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